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Boost Your Business with Affordable Color Printing

Nobody likes plain and boring printer materials. The incorporation of vibrant colors in printed materials has the ability to breathe life into them, while also enhancing effectiveness of communication and productivity. Today, advancements have facilitated quick, effective, and cost-effective color printing for enterprises.

No matter what industry you are in, color can make any ordinary black and white business document into an expressive, engaging one. With this blog we share with you the tips and examples highlighting the benefits of color and the business potential in vibrant color printing.

Enhanced brand identification 

As per Forbes, the inclusion of colors in marketing endeavors can substantially enhance brand identification. With a great visual story, brand recall can be further enhanced. However, it is important to choose colors that depict what the brand stands for and make sense. The chosen hues for your brand and the work communicates and sends a message to the audience. Color psychology has a great role to play. A carefully selected combination can create a unique aesthetic and build the emotional connection which impacts buyer behaviour. So optimize your message and hit the right notes.

Some colors and the feelings associated with them are listed below –

  • Red is linked with action and excitement
  • Orange signify friendliness and confidence
  • Yellows evokes a feeling of warmth and optimism
  • Green is associated with peace, health and growth
  • Blue denotes trust and strength
  • Purple relates to imagination and knowledge

CityBlue has a variety of printers working with a wide range of sizes, formatting and paper weights for an incredible range of printer materials from different business needs – from flyers to brochures to well designed and strategically placed posters and banners. Create impressive pieces to boost your business.

Increased audience engagement

Many studies have shown that color outperforms B&W communications. Color printed materials tend to be more motivating with increased attention spans are read more often. Imagine the increased possibilities and potential return on investment that a speedy and proficient color printing machine can offer for your enterprise!

Color transforms printed page. For restaurants and retailers, creating personalized menus and signage can enhance customer experience and make it delightful and noteworthy.

More people prefer reading colourful messaging, so next time consider color printing that report or other important client work to capture the attention of the reader.

Fast content comprehension

Colour printed material not only helps with increasing the engagement, but also makes it easier for the readers to understand the content at hand. Studies indicate that information is grasped more rapidly when presented in color, and this has a positive effect on overall understanding. Employing fast and cost-effective color printing can assist in delivering a powerful message that leaves a lasting impression.

Highlighting a text is effective and makes for a better choice for different kinds of materials where clear communication is the key. By employing user-friendly software and controls, certain printers can facilitate the maintenance of uniform color schemes for different types of projects.

Choose from a wide range of business printers, and find the ideal solution to support your printing needs. At CityBlue, find the best Epson models like the ST-C4100  that features revolutionary printing with easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks and includes up to 2 years of ink in the box. Achieve remarkable productivity and save 90% with low cost replacement ink bottles. The high-performance Epson WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000 multifunction printer offers fastest color printing in its class and is the ideal solution for companies with departments or workgroups.


CityBlue Technologies is considered one of the most well-rounded solutions for the architectural, engineering, and manufacturing industries. By providing top-of-the-line CAD Products and Supplies, CityBlue Technologies is tough to beat. Whether working from home, a midsize or Enterprise Company, or construction site, professionals that turn to advanced wide-format printing equipment can help streamline workflow and better serve clients, customers and the community. These high-quality products help deliver the total solution.

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CBT specializes in a range of creative marketing services ensuring that your reputation helps grow your business. From brand building to all your sales & marketing campaign needs, we provide you with the required expertise in one place. Let the CityBlue experts align your brand strategy to help increase your brand value in the market and create a positive impact on your customers.


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