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**New COLORADO 1630**

Brand: Canon

Model: 1630

Series: Colorado

Type: UVgel

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The Colorado 1630 is the smart investment choice for Print Service Providers looking for a cost effective, modular solution to meet their current and future business needs. This new addition in the Colorado series of products offers access to the proven benefits of UVgel technology at a lower investment level. Thanks to its wide range of commercial options, it can be configured according to your unique business needs.

The Modular Choice :

  • Priced to suit your business needs
  • Upgradeable & scalable, flexible solution
  • Upgrade your printer when your needs evolve
  • Unattended production
  • Same robust build and all the automation of the Colorado 1650
  • Option to print Matte or Gloss, without the need to change ink or media

The Colorado 1630 works with the industry certified UVgel 460 inks, formulated for maximum flexibility.

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs



Printing method

UVgel piezoelectric inkjet

Ink Type

Canon UVgel 460 ink



Uvgel Technology

UVgel technology – instant pinning and dot gain control Low temperature curing – suitable for thin and heatsensitive media Outstanding scratch resistance Easy lamination, smooth ink film High precision color-matching and consistency Odorless and instant dry printout

Physical Dimensions

119" x 43" x 52"

Printer Weight

1,653 lbs


Enables matte print modes for vibrant matte and gloss Prints on smooth and porous/structured media

Supported RIPs

ONYX® Thrive™, Caldera, and API for third-party RIP vendors


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