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The arrival of a game-changer in Large Format CAD Printing


The large format CAD/technical printing market will soon see a significant transformation, and we are here to discuss just that. We have been relying on toner-based large format printers for many years, but now there is a clear need for conversion to production-oriented inkjet printers.

What are the benefits of using Inkjet printers?

  • Color inkjet technology is fulfilling the color printing requirements
  • Has lower hardware investment cost than the large-format CAD printing market requirements
  • The introduction of new fast color inkjet printers offers to replace multiple printers with a single, competent, easy-to-operate printer saving high costs and time through streamlining of IT assets
  • The speed and color capability of inkjet printers is increased, enabling printing of posters, banners, and other marketing materials in-house, offering further cost-saving opportunity
  • Large-format inkjet printers are a preferred choice for any small or big unit or a company that prefers to have its printer in-house
  • Given work from the home scenario for the past one year or more, leaders believe that when workers return to work, they would want to print their documents in color as they were doing it on their home printers; opening an opportunity for inkjet printers to thrive

According to an article by IDC in their IDC Technology Spotlight issue, “Inkjet printers captured a greater share of more than 5 billion square feet of large format print volume produced by toner-based printers in 2020.” As employees worked from their homes in the last year or more, many companies have extended the lease agreements for their large format toner-based CAD/technical printers, typically installed on three-year cycles. But in 2021, as workers return to the office, there is a severe opportunity for fast inkjet technology to replace LED printers and embrace color printing in a single device.

Canon’s imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 is a potential game-changer in the large format CAD printing market. All of us know Canon U.S.A. Inc. to be a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions in the United States and Latin America, and the Caribbean. TZ-30000 plans to offer greater productivity than traditional inkjet printers while maintaining the same price ranges. The product will also provide media handling, software features, and high quality in color and in black-and-white while enabling a complete replacement of large-format monochrome/color toner-based printers or previous versions of the inkjet printers.



Now let us learn more about the Canon TZ-30000 model, 

       Single Device –

  • The new Canon TZ-30000 model prints up to 4 D-sized pages per minute and possesses a fast wake-up cycle, allowing it to create prints more quickly.
  • It offers incredibly high quality both in black and white and in color. Gradually, users prefer to print colors to highlight sections of their technical documents.

      Efficiency –

  • The TZ-30000 is the first and foremost printer in Canon’s record to adopt twin motors for the carriage motors used for printhead scanning. It increases the carriage speed to 100 inches per second, significantly faster than any Canon large format inkjet printer to date.
  • Canon has also increased the cutter speed of this model to keep up with the printer carriage.
  • Engineers and Architects would be pleased with this model as the printer prints 4 D-sized pages per minute (ppm).
  • It also has a faster first print speed, and the warming-up period is minor; in fact, the first prints are completed before any other LED printer is even warmed up enough to print.

      Media Management –

  • The two media draws make it easier for users to load two rolls of 36in. paper or mix and match paper sizes and types. The drawers can handle media rolls up to 6.9in. in diameter so that the imagePROGRAF TZ printer can handle 650ft rolls.
  • Additionally, Canon TZ-30000 retains a clever paper feed mechanism that grabs the edge of a new roll of media—just sliding the roll into the drawer and closing the door required from the user’s end. This tackles a very well know the challenge of feeding print media.
  • Another unique aspect of TZ-30000 is that it also detects the width, length, and type of media while loading while saving the user’s time in changing media settings.
  • Communication with the printer to obtain the media information is more accessible in this model and needs fewer operations or errors that might lead to printing failures.
  • Also, the TZ-30000 can gauge the amount of paper left on a roll and alerts the users. The lights on the printer’s front are the indicators for alerting the users, reducing any errors.

      Hot-Swappable Supplies –

  • This model warns users that supplies are low, while the printer is configured with sub-ink tanks and a media drawer so that users need not printing to replace printer cartridges or media rolls.
  • The printer is equipped to automatically switch between media rolls in the drawers without user intervention.

     Software –

  • The TZ-30000 has Direct Print Plus software, which draws on Canon’s Direct Print & Shares with enhancements designed to improve efficiency.
  • This model allows batch printing and can print different formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and HP-GL/2 without starting up separate applications.
  • Canon has used a proprietary Canon PDF processing engine to accelerate and enhance the rendering process and provides better thumbnail previews, reducing errors.
  • There is a nesting feature in Direct Print Plus that allows users to use the media width effectively.
  • It offers multiple drivers and software that help make it easy to integrate the TZ-30000 into any work environment. Additionally, the Canon Production Printing Driver Select is designed for users with other Canon high-volume large format printing equipment installed, including Canon Plotwave and Colorwave machines.
  • This software also enables dual printer support, viewing printer features on one screen, and templates for frequently used job settings.
  • The TZ-30000 has its driver, the TZ Printer Driver, which allows users to print to any imagePROGRAF TZ Series device without installing additional drivers for each model, making it easy to install multiple devices within the same environment.
  • Canon PosterArtist Lite graphic design software includes templates and graphics capabilities that allow graphics production even for users without robust graphic design software. Borderless printing is also possible through this software.

designed to improve efficiency

      Security –

  • The TZ-30000 includes several important new secured features that have enhanced encrypted communications, secured interface, printing with PIN codes, secure file storage, deletion, track usage, and restrict printing from USBs.

     Small Footprint –

  • The new Canon TZ-30000 MFP Z36 system has a small footprint due to eliminating the AIO stand; with the top stacker, little space is required in front of the printer.
  • One hundred sheets can be held in the top delivery tray, and prints do not fall into a pile one cannot manage.
  • It is easier to change ink cartridges and operating the LED screen on this model.

Moreover, to switch to Canon TZ-30000 inkjet printer from toner-based printers and multifunction printers, Canon has partnered with Global Scanning to avail a newly introduced scanning solution as a part of the TZ-30000 multifunction package. The new scanners are small and lightweight and allow easy installation and operation. There is also a possibility of integrating the scanner into the printer to maintain a small footprint.

Canon has genuinely made a magical product with the new imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 printer as it combines all features and efficiency tools at a considerable price range. The TZ-30000 is a beautiful combination of modern technology and advanced ease-of-use capabilities with a thorough understanding of the user of the production-oriented CAD/technical printers. The Canon TZ-30000 is here to nullify the gaps in the market with toner-based monochrome printers, conventional large-format color inkjet printers, and more expensive wide array inkjet printers. This model is a potential game-changer with speed, intelligence, print quality, software, security, and media handling all folded into one device.


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