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Océ ColorWave 910 Printer
Oce ColorWave 910
Océ ColorWave 910 Printer

Océ ColorWave 910

From: $125,361.00

From: $125,361.00

Brand: Océ

Series: ColorWave

Model Number: 910

Type: Ink

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In the competitive large format print market, staying ahead of the competition is the key to profitability. Staying ahead demands equipment that can quickly and reliably deliver consistent color at competitive prices. The fast and durable Océ ColorWave 910 printer is designed from the ground up to deliver consistent prints quickly, reliably and at a price that can help you achieve a fast ROI. For quick trailer, watch it here.

When Canon designed the printer, we looked across our portfolio of products and incorporated those features that produced the highest levels of productivity. The result is a printer that delivers speed, durability, productivity, and consistency.


The concept behind the Océ ColorWave 910 printer is to leverage Canon’s expertise in developing production print systems and integrate with high speed inkjet printing technology for large format applications. To deliver on this promise of speed, the printer incorporates paper handling features from Canon’s high-volume large format equipment. This results in a machine capable of printing more than 8,000 square feet per hour at a speed of 12 inches per second.


When you open the papers drawers of the Océ ColorWave 910 printer you immediately notice the durable construction. The Océ line of printers is well known for its reliability and long production life; the Océ ColorWave 910 printer builds upon this reputation. The printer is built to last in even the most demanding high-volume production printing environments.


Canon focused on creating a high-volume device that minimized downtime due to loading paper or unloading finished prints. With up to six 42″ x 650′ rolls online — or 13,650 square feet — operators will spend minimal time changing rolls. In addition, a dual tray stacker enables operators to unload one job while another is still printing.


Designed with exacting specifications, the Océ ColorWave 910 printer utilizes the Océ PowerM controller to deliver repeatable results. In addition, ONYX® Thrive™ print workflow software can be paired with the Océ ColorWave 910 printer to meet even the most demanding color requirements. Whether it is signage, posters, or point of sale materials, the printer will elevate your production capabilities to new levels, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Features :

  • Exceptional productivity
  • Flexible media handling
  • Extensive applications
  • Easy-to-use operator interface
  • Fully integrated workflow

Memory :

  • 16 GB DDR3 DRAM

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Additional information

Weight 100 lbs



Ink Category



Stacker or Tray

Stacker, Tray


Ink type

CMYKK x 5 inks: 2L. per tank


400 kg; 882 lbs

Size (WxDxH)

2200 x 1100 x 1580 mm; 79.5 x 43.3 x 62.2''



Hard disk

3 x 500 GB


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