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Oce Colorado 1640

Océ Colorado 1640



Océ Colorado 1640

Brand: Océ

Series: Colorado

Model: 1640

Type: Ink

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Colorado Series Media Guide



Océ Colorado 1640

Powered by Canon UVgel technology, the new Océ Colorado 1640 printer fills the current gap in the roll-to-roll production market. Print Service Providers (PSPs) now have a clear choice that will deliver real production efficiency while lowering operating costs, resulting in growing profits. For Demo click here.

The Océ Colorado 1640 printer is excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications. It delivers a large color gamut, similar to solvent inks, but combines this with the environmental benefits and safety profile of latex systems.

  • The Colorado 1640 sets a new standard in industrialization and automation. It features a heavy-duty drawer mechanism that holds up to two rolls of media at one time, each weighing up to 110 lbs. The two rolls can be of the same media type and size or different media, and once initialized, the print engine can switch jobs between rolls without operator assistance.
  • The UVgel print heads incorporate patented on-the-fly quality assurance control with continuous nozzle monitoring to detect and correct any underperforming nozzles.
  • Canon’s patented nozzle monitoring technology automatically checks all nozzles using acoustic sampling and even detects when nozzles are going to misfire before they actually do.


• A radically new UV curable ink from Canon that bonds instantly on contact with the media, prior to LED curing. This results in precise dot placement and no dot gain for consistent highquality images at high speed.

• UVgel offers the large color gamut of solvent inks and combines that with the environmental benefits and safety profile of latex inks.

• Ultra-thin ink dispersion with almost no discernible physical profile and the lowest ink consumption rate can provide up to a 40% reduction in printing costs compared to 64″ eco-solvent and latex systems.

Canon has developed a new UVgel technology that is having its debut in the Océ Colorado 1640 printer. UVgel technology is not a copy or evolution of existing technologies. It is an entirely NEW breakthrough, game-changing technology.

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Additional information

Weight 100 lbs




System Type





Printing Method

Océ UVgel piezoelectric inkjet

Printing Modes

Outdoor Banner HS: 1,710 ft.²/hr. (159 m²/hr.)
Outdoor Banner mode: 1,230 ft.²/hr. (114 m²/hr.)
Indoor Quality mode: 610 ft.²/hr. (57 m²/hr.)
Indoor High Quality mode: 430 ft.²/hr. (40 m²/hr.)
Backlits/Specialty mode: 215 ft.²/hr. (20 m²/hr.)

Max Resolution

Ink Types

UVgel 355 ink

Ink Color

, , ,

Ink packaging

2 x 1 liter ink bottle
Ink reservoir can accommodate up to 2.5 liter per ink color
Refill while printing


UVgel 415 printhead
High frequency drop-on-demand piezoelectric printhead (two per color)
Océ PAINT® (Piezo Acoustic Integrated Nozzle Technology) constantly monitors and compensates for nozzle
failures that can occur during printing

Automatic Maintenance

Automatic maintenance performed daily in seconds





Roll width

Up to 64" (1,625 mm)

Print Margin

0.21" (5.3 mm)*

Roll Weight

Up to 110 lb. (50 kg

Roll diameter

Up to 8.7" (220 mm)

Media thickness

Up to 0.03" (0.8 mm)

Number of input rolls

2 (automatic roll-feeding and switching**)

Media take-up system

Wound-in*** or out, loosely or tightly



Océ Colorado 1640

UVgel technology –
Low temperature curing
Outstanding scratch resistance
Easy lamination, ultra-thin smooth ink film
High precision color-matching and consistency
Odorless and instant dry printout
Supported RIPs – ONYX® Graphics, Caldera


Ethernet (100/1000 Mbit/s)



Printer dimensions (W x D x H)

116" x 32" x 53" (2,950 x 800 x 1,350 mm)

Printer weight

1,488 lb. (675 kg)



Operation printer

64–86°F (18–30°C) Recommended 68 – 81°F (20 – 27°C)
20–80% RH (no condensation) (recommended 30 – 60%)




Up to 4 kW printing


2 inputs, each 200 – 240V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 12 / 6 A


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