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Colorado M3

Brand: Canon

Series: Colorado

Model Number: M3

Type: Ink

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Are you ready for next-level productivity and creativity? With the NEW Colorado M-series printer, you can say ‘yes’ to more jobs, create stunning applications and reduce turnaround times. Its modular architecture allows it to grow with your business and is designed for low cost of ownership.

  • The Power of UVgel Technology – create robust, fade, and scratch-resistant prints with excellent print quality.
  • White Ink Without Worry – our NEW UVgel white ink developed just for the Colorado M-series printer, now brings you next-level white ink that reduces the hassles associated with white ink.
  • FLXfinish+ – print matte, gloss or mixed matte and gloss in one print, without varnish, or an additional printhead.
  • Impressive Media Range – “WOW” your customers with an extended media range, including textured, transparent, colored, reflective, magnetic, heat-sensitive media, and many more!

Modular Design | Industrial Quality: Configure your own ideal Colorado M-series printer to your current business needs and easily upgrade features, speed, and inline finishing as your business grows.


Additional information

Printing Method

UVgel piezoelectric inkjet

Print Resolution

Up to 1,800 dpi

Ink Type

Canon UVgel 460 ink

Printing Modes: Gloss

High Key: 1,195 ft2/hr
Express: 840 ft2/hr
Speed: 592 ft2/hr
Production: 420 ft2/hr
High Quality: 312 ft2/hr
Premium: 237 ft2/hr
Specialty: 215 ft2/hr

Printing Modes: Matte**

Express: 388 ft2/hr
Speed: 291 ft2/hr
Production: 237 ft2/hr
High Quality: 194 ft2/hr
Specialty: 140 ft2/hr
Backlit: 194 ft2/hr
Backlit Density: 108 ft2/hr

Printing Modes: Spot White 1 Layer**

Express: 291 ft2/hr
Speed: 237 ft2/hr
Production: 194 ft2/hr
High Quality: 140 ft2/hr
Specialty: 129 ft2/hr

Printing Modes: White Underflood/Overflood 2 Layers*

Speed: 215 ft2/hr
Production: 151 ft2/hr
High Quality: 108 ft2/hr
Specialty: 75 ft2/hr


4 or 5* UVgel 425 Printheads
High frequency drop-on-demand piezo-electric printhead
PAINT (Piezo Acoustic Integrated Nozzle Technology)
Automatic Maintenance
Curing: UV LED

UVgel Technology

Instant pinning** and dot gain control
Low temperature curing
Scratch resistance
Easy lamination, smooth ink film
High precision color consistency
Odorless and instant dry prints


Roll Width: Up to 64” (1,625 mm)
Print Margin: 0.21” (5.3 mm)2
Roll Weight: Up to 110 lbs (50 kg)
Roll Diameter: Up to 8.7” (220 mm)
Media Thickness: Up to 0.03” (0.8 mm)


Supported Rips:
ONYX Graphics, Caldera, EFI, PrintFactory, ColorGATE, ErgoSoft, Shiraz, AGFA, SAI

PRISMA Applications:
PRISMA remote app

External Modules


Dimensions (W x D x H)

3,020 x 1,095 x 1,300 mm
Printer (W x D x H)

Product weight

1653 lb


* conditions

* Base unit requires 4 printheads, adding optional white module requires and additional print head for a total of 5 printheads

**Optional module

**** White ink is an optional module


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