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Canon PlotWave 7500
Canon PlotWave 7500 back
Canon PlotWave 7500
Canon PlotWave 7500

Canon PlotWave 7500

**New Model of Océ PlotWave 750**

Brand: Canon

Series: PlotWave

Model: 7500

Type: Toner

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The New Canon PlotWave 7500 Printing System

The Canon PlotWave 7500 is intended as a productive system where higher media capacity up to 6 rolls and higher volumes and peak printing demand the speed and flexibility of a mid-volume system. For Product Demo watch it here.

New Product Features & Customer Benefits
Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC, 64-bit (controller OS)
NEW! Faster POWERsync Controller hardware (avg. 30% faster CPU vs. predecessor PlotWave 345/365)
NEW! Standardized security features, including AES 256 data encryption, secure boot, and Access Management user authentication
NEW! SMARTshield security suite (data protection in all phases of the print process)
NEW! Cabinet colors (Printer & Scanner)
NEW! Canon brand (replaces Océ brand)
NEW! Earthquake provision
NEW! ENERGY STAR® 3.0 compliant
NEW! Improved front caster wheels (improves ability to move printer without a pallet)

Easy, Secure, and Intelligent productive monochrome large format printing

The Canon PlotWave 7500 replaces the Océ PlotWave 750 as a monochrome printer, color scanner, and B&W copier. Positioned as a solution for the Semi (central) repro department or smaller copy shops. PlotWave 7500 includes a temperature management system enabling higher volumes and longer runs up to 500,000 square feet per year. For productive environments, it is useful to monitor the status of the printer from a distance. The PlotWave 7500 can be configured with an optional Operator Attention Light on top of the printer. This attention light provides visual feedback on the status of the printer like the status light on the ClearConnect user panel does which can be monitored from a closer distance.

As with new PlotWave 5000/5500 and 3000/3500, the PlotWave 7500 is also Canon branded and includes the new cabinet colors, faster controller hardware running Windows 10 IoT LTSC 64-bit operating system, and new standard security features, among other improvements. For an MFP configuration, Scanner Express IV replaces Scanner Express III, with identical form, fit and function plus the new Canon cabinet colors (Damson Black and Titanium White – the same cabinet colors already introduced with the launch of the ColorWave 3500/3700).

The PlotWave 7500 printing system builds on the features and benefits that were introduced with the PlotWave 750 printing system in October 2013, including scan templates.

As with the other new PlotWaves (5000/5500 and 3000/3500), the PlotWave 7500 requires a Product License. The PlotWave 7500 prints at 10 D-size/min replacing the PlotWave 750 at 9 D-size/min.

New Standard Features – Details and Benefits

a.) Where the POWERsync controller of the PlotWave 750 runs on Windows 8 Embedded Operating System, the PlotWave 7500 runs on Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Note: Microsoft’s choice to change part of the name of the OS from ‘Embedded’ to ‘IoT’, which stands for: ‘Internet of Things’ is basically an effort to make the new OS seem more modern. Technically it has no other ramifications.

A key advantage of having the latest Windows OS is that Windows 10 will continue to be supported by Microsoft much longer than they will continue for Windows 8 OS. Specifically, until 2029 Microsoft will provide new security updates and fixes for Windows 10 LTSC.

b.) The Canon PlotWave 7500 has a new controller with an Intel Celeron G4900 Processor. Compared to the processor of the predecessor G1620 (PlotWave 750 controller), the G4900 has the following advantages:

  • Operating frequency of the CPU is higher than the frequency of the Intel Celeron G1620.
  • The Intel G4900 microprocessor incorporates AES technology, that provides AES encryption acceleration. The instructions are useful if you need to protect your disk or network
  • The processor features more memory bandwidth, owing to faster supported DDR4-2400 memory. Higher memory bandwidth is quite beneficial to memory bound programs. Performance improvement in applications, that are not memory- bound, will be lower.
  • Power consumption of the Intel G4900 is better.
  • Intel Celeron G4900 processor is in average 30% faster than the Intel Celeron G1620 processor

c.) Standardized security features include Access Management, which previously was an optional license and now is included. Access Management is a user authentication tool that enables users to access the printer by entering their user credentials on the ClearConnect touchscreen or swiping cards if there is a connected (and supported) card reader. Authorization is managed by using Active Also, previously optional and now included is Disk Encryption License and secure boot. AES 256 data encryption and secure boot is now standard activated and installed at the factory.

d.) New SMARTshield security suite enables users to create, manage, and submit print jobs safely from a variety of devices and sources, to safeguard data at every stage of the print workflow More than ever, companies and government with large format printers need to protect their most important, confidential, and sensitive information within their office and on their networks. This includes information sent from individual workstations and other devices to the printer as well as data stored on the printer. It is also essential that systems are protected against unauthorized access to print data, printed information and the customer’s own IT infrastructure via printers. That’s why end-users need a large format printer with security features that can make life easier for the IT administrator, users and management.

PlotWave large format printers have been designed with these needs in mind and feature multiple security measures designed to keep data and information safe and for the right eyes only, thanks to SMARTshield integrated printing security technology.

e.) Printer cabinet colors have changed from the previous PlotWave “Océ grey” color to Canon colors (Titanium White w/Damson Black trim). These are the same 2 colors that were introduced with the ColorWave 3500/3700. This color change also applies to the Scanner Express IV, so MFP configurations will align in

f.) Canon branding on the printer and on packaging materials replaces Océ.

g.) Earthquake provision – This provision enables to safely secure the printer on its original place in case of earthquake. To avoid movement during an earthquake, which could injure people or blocking an

h.) ENERGY STAR® 3.0 compliant. ENERGY STAR® V3.0 is the latest energy standard introduced in December

i.) Sturdier front caster wheels are better suited to move the printer without a pallet. When rolling the printer to a different location, these improved caster wheels are less likely to fail during moving. Featuring 28% higher max. load capacity that can withstand higher forces during transport, and tougher material (aluminum) housing to resist cracking when passing over a doorstop/threshold.

Stacker Select (Rear Delivery Tray) **NEW
Stacker Select (#4754C001) supersedes the Océ Delivery Tray. This optional rear delivery tray serves the purpose of augmenting the integrated TDT (Top Delivery Tray) which can stack up to 100 E-Size/A0 sheets. The Stacker Select matches the new cabinet colors of the PlotWaves (Titanium White, Damson Black) and is not backward compatible with PlotWave 345/365/450/550/750. Stacker Select is positioned flush with the rear of the print engine to provide a stable surface for collecting prints (or originals when scanning) and serves as the print output destination for 3.5 mil polyester film which cannot be output to the TDT. Note that item #4268C011 (Stacker Select Connection Kit 3) is required for attachment to the printer.

• Compatible with PlotWave 3000/3500/5000/5500/7500
• Holds up to 400 sheets (E-Size/A0) extending the printer and scanner output capacity
• Provides additional capacity to receive and hold multiple print jobs. Automatically stacks
prints allowing for unattended printing.
• Productive scanning by allowing end-user to focus on scan feed / input. Scanned
originals are stacked automatically.
• Automated stacking of scanned originals can save up to 50% handling time.
• Jobs are received neatly. Using job separation sheets users can easily locate their own
drawings / jobs in the stacked output
• Good stacked output reduces risk of damaging your prints so reducing the risk of waste costs

PlotWave 7500 Starter Kit (Included)

A Starter Kit is included and packed inside each PlotWave print engine shipping carton. Contents of PlotWave 7500 Starter Kit:

  • 1 bottle of PlotWave 7500 Toner (500 ).
  • 1 bottle of PlotWave 7500 Series Developer (1,750 gr.). Yield = 325,000 sq/ft @5%
  • 1 starter Roll of paper 36” x
  • Install tools and documentation

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs







Productive monochrome large format printing for B&W technical drawings, scanning in color, greyscale and Black & White, copy in greyscale and Black & White


Radiant Fusing LED



Output Speed

10 D-size per min

Printer DPI

600 x 1200 dpi

Maximum Roll Length

500- or 650-foot rolls

Auto Width Detection


Output Delivery

Top Delivery Tray (standard) 100 sheets cap.
Stacker Select (optional) 400 sheets cap.

User Interface

ClearConnect multi-touch user interface.
10.4” color LCD touchscreen.


Titanium White w/Damson Black trim

Toner Kit

Toner Kit consists of one carton with:
2 Toner Bottles (500 grams per bottle) 1 residual toner container

Yield (1 Toner Kit) = 17,920 sf @5% coverage

Working Area

63.8” W x 55.2” D

Sheetfeeder configuration (Cutsheet Tray)

0 or 1 Sheetfeeder (Cutsheet tray)






POWERsync Controller
Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC, 64-bit Intel Dual Core, Dual Thread Intel G4900 @3.10GHz, Intel HD Graphics, 1 GHz
500 GB hard disk, 7200 rpm, 4 GB DDR4 memory TPM2.0 (standard)



Scanner Model

Scanner Express IV
Cabinet: Canon Titanium White w/Damson Black trim (identical form, fit, function to Scanner Express III) Not backward compatible with previous PlotWaves

Scanner Activation License

Scanner Express License 1
(Required to activate Scanner Express IV to enable scan and copy functionality)

Scanner Speed

Monochrome Scanning: Up to 49.8 ft./min.
Copying: Up to 33.1 ft./min.
Color Scanning: Up to 16.4 ft./min.

Scanner DPI

600 x 600

Scan to Cloud

Yes (WebDAV based clouds)

Print & Job Submission


Print from Cloud

(from ClearConnect user interface panel)

Application Printing

Driver Select for Windows (name change only)

Job Submitter

Publisher Select

WebTools Express


Security (Standard)






Audit Logging



IPSec, IP filtering / Access Control Lists

Extended security for administrator


BitLocker AES 256 Hard Disk Encryption

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

802.1x Authentication, network protocol enable/disable

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

LDAP integration

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

Allow disabling TLS1.0 and 1.1 protocols

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

Configurable CA certificate

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

Disable Network Ports and Protocols

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

Security Event Logging

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

Access Management

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

Active Directory Integration

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

FIPS 140-2 Certified Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

BitLocker 256 AES hard disk encryption

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

Hard Disk Wipe

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

Single Sign-on

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

Secure boot

Standard (in SMARTshield Security Suite)

Security (Optional)


McAfee antivirus


McAfee Application Control (whitelisting)

Optional License

Removable Hard Drive Kit & Add’l Hard Drives



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