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Canon Colorwave 3800
Canon Colorwave 3800 6-Roll with Stacker Select
Canon Colorwave 3800 6-Roll with Stacker Select
Canon ColorWave 3800
Canon Colorwave 3800

Canon ColorWave 3800

**New Model of Océ ColorWave 3000 Series**

Brand: Canon

Series: ColorWave

Model: 3800

Type: Toner

Size: 44″

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The New Canon ColorWave 3800

The 6th generation Canon ColorWave 3800 series uses Toner Pearls: a proven technology with more than 10,000 installations worldwide. The Toner Pearls are heated and then jetted onto the media with extreme precision. The multi-pass CrystalPoint print technology helps provide crisp, rock-solid print quality.

Whether you are looking to print a technical document, high quality render, map, or full-color outdoor advertising banner, the Canon ColorWave 3800 series has the quality you need: sharp lines, high readability, fine details, and smooth and even area fills on a consistent basis. For the Demo on new Canon ColorWave 3000 Series click here.

The Canon ColorWave 3800 System Configuration options

• Unit comes in a 4-roll configuration w/ Media Sense technology – the ability to print on media up to 30 mil.
– Optional 2 roll drawer optional to create 6 roll system
– Optional Scanner Express for an MFP system
– Optional Folder Express 3011 v.3
– Optional Stacker Select with capacity of 400 pages

New Product Features

NEW Built-in Standard Features:
• NEW! Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC, 64-bit (controller OS)
• NEW! Faster POWERsync Controller hardware (avg. 30% faster CPU vs. 3700)
• NEW! Standardized security features including:
– AES 256 data encryption
– Secure boot
– Access Management user authentication
• NEW! SMARTshield security suite (data protection in all phases of the print process)
• NEW! Cabinet colors (Scanner Express IV)
• NEW! Canon brand (replaces Océ brand)
• NEW! Earthquake provision
• NEW! Energy Star® 3.0 compliant

The new ColorWave 3800 model has a new controller with a 6 Core, 6 Thread Core ® i5-8500 Processor.
– ColorWave 3800 processor is in average 30% faster than the ColorWave 3700 i5-3550S processor


Based on more than 10 years of proven technology, the ColorWave 3000 series inspires confidence with its convenient, hassle-free operation, high print quality, and outstanding reliability, when each detail counts. The ColorWave 3000 series is a flexible printing system that is ideal for both technical document and graphic arts print providers. The ColorWave 3000 series is full of smart, time-saving innovations that help reduce misprints and costs.

With automated roll switching, excellent workflow software, and a full range of well-tuned peripherals, the ColorWave 3000 series is capable of producing a broad application range with minimal operator intervention. Sophisticated security features support the safeguarding of your data, not only today, but into the future.


The ColorWave 3000 series offers hassle-free operation and high print quality in a convenient, cost-effective solution. The ColorWave 3000 series printers are built for productivity: equipped with smart, time-saving innovations and easy-to-use functionalities that help reduce misprints.

Easy to use in every way

The ColorWave 3000 series printers help to ensure you get your prints out quickly and worry-free. The ClearConnect software suite and user interface supports your management of complex jobs with ease, and helps to ensure first-time-right printing. Submit jobs easily via the Publisher Select application, with automatic What You See Is What You Print previews to keep misprints to a minimum. Driver Select, the large format printer driver for Windows, further helps to reduce errors and gives you first-time-right results, with its clear and easyto-use functionalities. And with Driver Express, you can print PostScript files in Mac and Windows environments.

The ColorWave 3000 offers “green-button printing.” The smart, automated print settings require minimal operator intervention to achieve excellent output to help meet your highest expectations. The Print Assistant automatically suggests the right print mode for your job. Media requirements are detected automatically and the printer switches directly to the correct roll. When scanning or copying, the Image Logic scanning technology helps turn damaged or folded originals into accurate, high quality scans and copies.

Fits your workflow like a glove

The ColorWave 3000 series meets industry-standard security compliance. Canon’s secure POWERsync controller, running on Windows 10 IoT OS, allows for convenient and fast job processing, and its open architecture enables integration with a variety of print management applications. Handle incoming jobs with ease and confidence.

The ColorWave 3000 series offers productivity levels you can depend on. The powerful and reliable POWERsync controller provides lightning-fast job submission, and enables you to use the submission software, drivers, and control software that fit the way you work. The system is ideally suited to handle peak volumes when the pressure is on.

Ergonomic ease of use

The ColorWave 3000 series supports increased productivity with its simple and convenient roll loading method, automated roll switching, automatic roll width detection, and easy paper feeding. The rotatable user interface means you can operate the printer from the most convenient position that suits you. Collect your prints from the top delivery tray or your preferred finishing device.


Create a wealth of large format applications with ease.

A wealth of applications

The ColorWave 3000 series can print on a broad range of media, offering an extensive variety of applications: from high quality technical documents, to full-color graphics. With a media capacity of up to six rolls, the ColorWave 3800 model enables you to productively mix applications and run very large jobs without interruption. It also offers MediaSense technology that automatically adjusts the gap between imaging devices and media, for high quality output without manual adjustments, when printing on media of differing thicknesses. This gives you the ability to grow application volumes for a faster return on investment. The versatile CrystalPoint printing technology offers instantdry prints with no feathering and excellent fine details on a variety of media types: from thin, uncoated, to thick poster media and even vinyl. The Onyx software helps you integrate your ColorWave 3000 printer easily into your graphic arts workflow.

Get the complete package

With the ColorWave 3000 series, you are investing in a system that supports you whatever your needs: whether you are printing monochrome or color, this system does it all. Combined with its large 6-roll media capacity, the ColorWave 3000 series produces large format technical documents and graphic arts applications efficiently and with minimum operator intervention. If you need to scan and copy as well as print, the Image Logic scanning technology helps turn imperfect originals into perfect scans and copies.

Tune your print-to-finish solution to your workflow preferences with the Folder Express 3011 and Stacker Select.

Ready to serve you for many years to come

The ColorWave 3000 series printers are built to last. These highly reliable systems offer excellent uptime and there is no daily maintenance required. As a true workhorse, the ColorWave 3000 series uses durable parts with a long lifetime. The printer itself is built for robust, safe printing for years on end, using proven technologies. The Canon Solutions America service organization offers outstanding support based on decades of experience.


Highly reliable technology

The reliable multi-pass print technology allows details to print accurately. The Canon ColorWave 3800 series offers the ability to print high quality, full-color representations.

Print on a wide range of media, even uncoated, and still get robust prints thanks to CrystalPoint. Prints are instant-dry, robust, and water resistant, without need for lamination.

The Canon ColorWave 3800 series, with its PAINT technology, applies nozzle-failure compensation on the fly, to avoid misprints and maintain high throughput. This helps to ensure consistent print quality between the first and last print throughout the lifetime of your printer. MediaSense technology automatically adjusts the gap between its imaging devices and media, to support high quality prints on a broad range of media.

SMARTshield helps to protect your data during each phase of the print process. It also supports the safeguarding of that data as well as user credentials while files are sent to your printer—from any device. Since a printer is generally not used as a long-term data storage solution, SMARTshield also follows data shredding and proper deleting protocols to help maintain security.

There is also the option to remove the hard disk when the printer is decommissioned. Robust user authentication helps provide document security for users and activity control for budget managers. Hack prevention helps guard against malicious intrusion. All these security measures have been built for the long term: with software support, security updates, and remote service.

Supporting a healthy environment, on all levels

CystalPoint technology supports a healthy working environment. The printing process emits no fine dust, ozone, or odor, and the Toner Pearls are non-toxic. Furthermore, the low sound levels produced by the ColorWave printer help make for a comfortable work environment. The Canon ColorWave 3800 series is also certified with the ENERGY STAR® label for low energy use.

Support for various recycling initiatives are standard: you can print on uncoated or recycled media, for example, and the prints are deinkable for better paper recycling. In our continued efforts to promote a circular economy, at the end of its life, the ColorWave 3000 printers can be remanufactured and reused by Canon.

Easy-to-Use Walk-Up Printing

  • Manage complex jobs and help avoid misprints with the intuitive ClearConnect software suite and user interface that supports multiple driver software applications.
  • Experience true green-button printing: the right print settings for excellent print output with minimal operator intervention.
  • Enjoy ergonomic operator access with the rotatable user interface to control print collection. Easily collect your prints from top delivery tray or finishing device.

Superior copy and color scanning results

  • Image Logic technology automatically compensates for wrinkles and light colors to produce superior results. Insert originals face-up, and paper width is automatically detected.
  • Help turn imperfect originals into perfect copies and scans with Image Logic scanning technology.
  • Create 1-touch Scan Templates to capture commonly used settings, or to require standardized department scan settings.

POWERsync Controller supports productivity and security

  • The POWERsync controller, which runs on Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS, helps to provide convenient, fast, reliable, and secure multitasking.
  • Concurrency. Scan and copy while printing.
  • The open interface of the POWERsync controller also enables the printer to embed software, like uniFLOW.

Productively mix applications and run large jobs

  • Gain media capacity and application diversity with up to six rolls (42-inch width and 656-foot total length).1
  • Help save operator time on media handling with the easy roll replacement, automatic roll width detection, and easy paper feeding.

Confidently meets your high standards

  • Rely on high-quality prints. Toner Pearls technology are heated and then jetted onto the media with extreme precision for prints that are crisp, instantly dry, and water resistant. Get sharp lines, high readability, fine details, and smooth, even area fills on a consistent basis.
  • Help reduce costs with the PAINT technology that automatically predicts and compensates for nozzle failure to help prevent ruined prints.
  • Become more versatile. MediaSense technology2 automatically adjusts the gap between the image device and media for high quality output on a wide range of media, from thin, uncoated paper to vinyl.

Ready to serve you for years and years

  • The mature, non-toxic Toner Pearls technology supports a healthy working environment as it does not emit fine dust, odor, or ozone emissions and leaves minimal waste.
  • Be eco-friendly. The ENERGY STAR-certified machine is designed with long-lasting parts for remanufacturing and re-use by Canon Solutions America, forerunners in circular economy. CrystalPoint prints are suitable for recycling efforts thanks to high deinkability from the Toner Pearls toner that lies on top of the paper for easier separation.

The versatile choice for your business, now and in the future

  • Get the complete package with the fully integrated peripheral portfolio, perfectly tuned to the printer, including folding and stacking options, such as the Stacker Select which provides an additional 400 sheets (E-size) capacity.
  • Rely on consistent print quality and high uptime backed by an experienced service organization. No daily maintenance is required and the machine uses few consumables.

SMARTshield helps protect your data

  • Protected in all phases of the print process with encryption protocols.
  • Helps to make deletion secure by data shredding protocols.

For ink supplies click here.

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs






System Type

, ,


POWERsync Controller
Microsoft Windows 10 iOT LTSC (64 bit)
CW3800 – 6 Core 6 Thread i5-8100 @ 4.10 GHz
2 x 500 GB, 7200 rpm Hard disk / 8 GB DDR3 memory




Print Technology

CrystalPoint Technology. Instant dry, waterfast output on uncoated media

Dimensions (WxDxH)

Dimensions printer (WxDxH)
2100 x 900 x 1580 mm; 82.7 x 35.4 x 62.2 in
Shipping dimensions printer (WxDxH)
2271 x 1196 x 1547 mm; 89.4 x 47.1 x 60.9 in

Print languages

TIFF 6.0, JPEG1.02, HPGL, HPGL2, C4, Calcomp 906/907/951, CALS 1, NIRS, NIFF

Print Speed

Monochrome CAD: 225 A1/D/hour (high-speed mode), Color CAD: 212 A1/D/hour (high-speed mode), 4A1/D/min. Color posters: 3,960 sq. ft./day (production — fast)

Print Modes

Four print modes and OPA (Océ Print Assistant, automatically determines the best print mode based on the content, no intervention required)

Print Dimensions (W x D x H)

82.7" × 35.4" × 62.2" (2,100 × 900 × 1,580 mm)

Print Weight

556 lbs. (252 kg) — printer and one drawer

Media Rolls

Two or four rolls (one drawer = two rolls, two drawers = four rolls)

Media Capacity

Up to 2,600' — 650' on a roll (800 m — 200 m on a roll)

Media Weight

Paper: 16 – 43 lbs.; 60 – 160 g/m2 Film: 2.5 – 8 mil

Media Thickness

Paper: 8 mil; 200 µm Film: 2.5 – 8 mil

Maximum Printable Width

42" (1,066 mm)

Maximum Print Length

Up to 656'; 164' guaranteed (200 m; 50 m guaranteed)

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 iOT LTSC (64 bit)



Hard Drive

2 × 500 GB

Scan Speed

47.9'/min. monochrome scanning; 15.7'/min. color scanning (14.6 m/min. monochrome scanning; 4.8 m/min. color scanning)

Scan Resolution

600 × 600 dpi

Scanner Size (W x D x H)

43" × 12" × 5.5" (1,097 × 308 × 1,400 mm)

Scanner Weight

55 lbs. (25 kg)


Ethernet 100 Mbits/s, 1 Gbits/s
Discovery: WSD, LPD; NetBios

Heat Emission

Printing: 395 W, Ready: 214 W

Operating Temperature

59 – 95° F (recommended: 68 – 81° F); 15 – 35° C (recommended: 20 – 27° C)

Power Consumption

Sleep: 2.5 W; Ready: 199 W; Active: 380 W


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