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Canon Colorado 1650
Colorado 1650
Canon Colorado 1650

Canon Colorado 1650

Brand: Canon

Series: Colorado

Model: 1650

Type: UVgel

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The Canon Colorado 1650

The introduction of Canon UVgel technology, and its manifestation in the Colorado 1640 printer from Canon, set new standards in large format roll-to-roll automation and productivity. In developing Canon UVgel, the objective was to harness the strengths of traditional roll-to-roll printing technologies while eliminating their respective limitations and, ultimately, to enable print service providers to be more productive and cost-effective with their large format roll printing applications. For Full Video on the Canon Colorado 1650 click here.

Here’s how PSPs can significantly lower operating costs and increase profits:

  • Extremely low ink usage
  • Unattended production enables significant labor savings
  • Produce more in less time without sacrificing quality
  • One machine with two finishes without the need to change ink or media
  • Reduce rework/overwork with highly accurate color and geometric consistency
  • Maximum speed up to 159 m2/hour in gloss mode
  • FLXfinish UV LED curing with gloss modulation
  • 2 rolls with automatic feeding and switching, width up to 1625 mm
  • Print resolution up to 1800 dpi

One printer. Two finishes

Delight your customers with glossy banners that stand out from the crowd or wallpaper with the right deep-matte finish and brilliant colours, all printed on one device. No need to change inks or media!

Unsurpassed automation

No need to babysit: rely on incessant nozzle monitoring, convenient automatic printhead maintenance, automated media feed and the roll winding module.

Lower operational cost

Improve the bottom line with reduced ink usage, low service cost and cost efficient media. Free up valuable operator time thanks to the unsurpassed automation.

Unrivalled versatility

Produce durable quality prints on a variety of media, including SAVs, polyester textiles, heat-sensitive materials and plain paper. The flexible and more stretchable formulation of the UVgel inks provide perfect image stability even when prints are folded, bent and stretched.

Breakthrough productivity

Shorten lead-times with consistently fast output speeds and rapid job turnaround. Two media rolls with online switching, and ink refill-while-printing empower non-stop printing for unmatched productivity.

The Canon Colorado 1650 works with a new version of Canon UVgel ink, formulated for maximum flexibility by increasing the ‘stretchability’ of each cured ink droplet. In addition, FLXfinish technology, a new approach to LED curing allows the user to choose between matte or gloss modes for each individual print to achieve different finishes, removing the need to change inks or media.

The Colorado 1650 UV roll-to-roll printer with FLX finish technology allows print providers to be more productive and cost-effective with their large format roll printing applications. Produce more output in less time at a lower cost through innovative Canon UVgel technology.

Produce scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and even graffiti-resistant decals that stand up to serious abuse without lamination. Ideal for floor graphics, wall decals, and vehicle graphics that hold up to washing.

FLXfinish technology expands application capabilities with options for more porous media, including uncoated papers, as well as soft signage materials such as polyester textiles and silicon edged graphics.

Next-gen UVgel printer with flexible inks and matte/gloss

Explore new business horizons with an astounding application range. FLXfinish empowers to print with a flawless glossy or a luxurious matte finish independent of media. Produce designer wallpaper, stunning decals or luxurious front- and backlits that make people stop and take notice, while meeting tight deadlines and producing at low cost.

The Canon Colorado 1650’s versatility also makes it one of the top wide-format printers on the market. The machine can print on a few different materials, including self-adhesive vinyl, polyester textiles and paper. This makes it an ideal printer for outdoor signage, as you can print on different materials using durable color schemes.

You can refill ink on this printer during the printing process, which helps with its overall efficiency. If you’re paying for a printer this size, you’ll want it to act as efficiently as possible. The automation features also help make the printer as efficient as possible.

After the initial purchase, this printer’s efficient ink usage and automation keep future costs reasonably low. For a large-format printer of its size, the Canon Colorado 1650 does a good job of reducing variable costs.

Given its size and price point, this printer makes sense for midsize businesses looking to create a lot of outdoor signage. Businesses looking to host events and or create outdoor banners on a regular basis can benefit from this printer. It’s reliable and consistent, able to produce quality prints regularly. The ability to print on different materials is a rare asset in the printer industry.

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Additional information

Weight 100 lbs




System Type





Printing Method

Océ UVgel piezoelectric inkjet

Printing Modes

Banner/Max speed mode: 1,710 ft.2/hr. (159 m2/hr.)
Banner production/High speed mode: 1,230 ft.2 /hr. (114 m2/hr.)
Production mode: 610 ft.2/hr. (57 m2/hr.)
High quality mode: 430 ft.2/hr. (40 m2/hr.)
Specialty mode: 215 ft.2/hr. (20 m2/hr.)
Matte mode: Up to 305 ft.2/hr. (28 m2/hr.)

Max Resolution

Ink Types

UVgel 460 ink, CMYK (1-liter bottles)

Ink Color

, , ,

Ink packaging

2 x 1-liter ink bottle
Ink reservoir can accommodate up to 2.5 liters per ink color


UVgel 415 printheads (two per color)

Automatic Maintenance

PAINT constantly monitors and compensates for nozzle failures that can occur during printing
Automatic maintenance performed in seconds, daily
Refill ink while printing


UV LED with FLXfinish, instant dry, low temperature



Roll width

Up to 64" (1,625 mm)

Print Margin

0.21" (5.3 mm)*

Roll Weight

Up to 110 lb. (50 kg

Roll diameter

Up to 8.7" (220 mm)

Media thickness

Up to 0.03" (0.8 mm)

Number of input rolls

2 rolls in PSO mode / 1 roll in PSI mode
Automatic roll-feeding and switching

Media take-up system

Wound-in*** or out, loosely or tightly



UVgel Technology

Instant pinning and dot gain control
Low-temperature curing, suitable for thin and heat-sensitive media
High-precision color matching and consistency
Instantly dry

FLXFinish Technology

Gives you the choice between gloss or matte output on both smooth and structured media
Enables you to print on porous and uncoated materials



Printer dimensions (W x D x H)

119” x 43” x 52” (3,022 x 1,093 x 1,300 mm)

Printer weight

1,631 lbs. (740 kg)

Software Supported RIPS

ONYX® Thrive™, Caldera, and API for third-party RIP vendors


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