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Canon Arizona 1200 UV Flatbed Series Printer

Brand:  Canon

Series:  1200

Model: Arizona 1200

Type: UV Flatbed Printer

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Member of the best-selling UV flatbed printer family in the world

The Arizona 1200 UV Flatbed Series includes 3 different large format models – each available in 2 different table sizes. The GT table size enables standard production of single 4’x8′ boards while the XT supports an 8’x10′ print area that can also be configured to support dual 4’x8′ board printing. The 4-channel and 6-channel flatbed printer models are upgradeable to a maximum of 8 ink channels allowing a wide variety of ink combinations utilizing CMYK plus extra CM or Lc, Lm plus single- or double-white and varnish. The Arizona 1200 UV Flatbed Series large format printers are all based on an Canon-developed platform that combines a true UV flatbed printer design and an optional separate, dedicated roll-to-roll capability. For video, watch it here.

High quality image printing on rigid and flexible media

Arizona series UV flatbed printers allow users to take on work that was never before possible with lesser large format printing systems. The Arizona 1200 series UV flatbed printers are quite simply a technology disruption: The UV curable flatbed and roll-to-roll inkjet printers deliver exceptional image quality to take display graphics to the next level. Use the Arizona 1200 series UV flatbed printers to add new services by printing photo-quality images on virtually any media imaginable.

Flexible wide format inkjet printer to create a variety of digital applications

If a job can be printed digitally, it most likely can be produced on an Arizona Wide Format UV flatbed printer. With the ability to print on a wide variety of display graphics me display (POP, retail signage, backlit signs) to specialty and industrial applications where the decorated substrate is not meandia and objects, you can capture revenue from large format printing applications ranging from standard sign and primarily for display purposes (e.g. package prototyping, short-run packaging, membrane switch overlays, wallpaper and interior decoration, and consumer product decoration).

Do it smarter!

The Arizona Xpert software turns complex job setup into a quick, effective process. The self-learning capability within Arizona Xpert can learn your steps to setup multi-layered, complex jobs – even double sided jobs or jobs with transparency. Then, you can save the steps as a recipe and later apply that recipe to any similar jobs.

Highly acclaimed flatbed UV printer series

The Arizona 1200 flatbed UV printer series shares the same award-winning image quality and robust architecture as other Arizona printers, offering our values of quality, reliability, productivity and user-friendliness. In all, the Arizona Flatbed Series has won over 40 industry awards to date from organizations throughout the world. These awards validate the quality and innovation built into every Canon wide format printing system.


Key Arizona 1200 Series Large Format Flatbed Printer series features include:

  • True stationary flatbed versatility at an affordable price
  • Roll Media Option available for true roll-to-roll capability
  • VariaDot imaging technology for superior 4-color printing
  • Available in 4- 6- or 8-channel models providing up to a total of 9 different ink configurations
  • Near-photographic image quality
  • Instant switching between roll-to-roll and flatbed printing
  • Support for Arizona Xpert and Touchstone software for quick and easy creation of complex higher margin jobs including texture printing

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Additional information

Weight 100 lbs




Rigid Media Size

1200 Series GT – 49" x 98.4"
1200 Series XT – 121" x 98.4"

Rigid Media Thickness


VariaDot Printing Technology

6 to 42 picoliter droplets, 636 nozzles, one printhead/channel, single row design

Express Print Speed

1200 GT – 362 ft2/hr.
1200 XT – 377 ft2/hr.

Ink Channels

1240 Series – 4 ink channels upgradeable to 1260 for 6 channels

1260 Series – 6 ink channels upgradeable to 1280 for 8 channels

1280 Series – 8 ink channels


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