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Investing in a large format printer? Keep these things in mind

Investing in a large format printer?

Investing in a large format printer? What do you see when you step out of the house and look around? I bet that you’ll see at least one billboard depicting an advertisement near you irrespective of where you reside in the country.

Although unnoticed, these large prints do form a part of everyone’s daily life. And brands make fair use of them to attract potential customers. What makes large out-of-home advertisements possible is Large Format Printing (LFP). Put simply, LFP entails printing large-sized graphics or designs onto large-sized paper or other materials. It has become a massive market due to technological advancements and favorable ROI. Businesses worldwide continue to invest in large format printers to provide printing services to brands or cater to their own large printing demands.

This piece is dedicated to taking a bird’s eye view into the criteria for selecting a Large Format Printer if and when you are looking to buy one! Read on.

Start with why

Why investing in a large format printer? Purchasing a large format printer is an expensive affair and, hence, requires that you have a clear idea of your requirements. Irrespective of whether you are a provider of printing services and already own a set of printers or an end-user who wishes to import the activity in-house, it’s best to start with an understanding of your purpose.

It will help by understanding your requirements such as – The quality of the print output you require, Volume per month, Turn-time on the prints, Cost-savings, and Efforts involved in in-house vs. outsource. The analysis of these and many more requirements will help you compare different models based on technical and business criteria.

Consider Technical Functionality, Performance, and Quality

  • Monochrome vs. multi-color: Consider whether you’ll need to print in color. If not, going for a black and white printer can save some money.
  • Do you need to print as well as scan? If you foresee scanning needs in the future, invest in a multi-function printer now to save upgrading costs a couple of years later.
  • Materials: For Large Format printers, there are plenty of options for both traditional PVC and paper-based materials and more sustainable and digital alternatives.
  • Inks: Just like materials, know beforehand which inks you’ll be using. Each model of printer will be compatible with only specific inks.
  • Image quality: Dots Per Inch (DPI) represents the quality of printing. The greater the DPI, the higher the quality. Consider the quality you need and, accordingly, compare the DPI metrics for each model before you.

Don’t forget the impact on operations

  • Productivity and Efficiency: Automation features, a range of print options, and digitization of control result in faster turnaround times and reduced manual input.
  • Ease of use: It’s better to choose a simple printer for your operators to understand and operate.
  • Noise levels: Depending on your working space, choose a model that does not produce too much noise.
  • Accessibility: Make sure the model you buy doesn’t take up unnecessary space and is easily accessible. Measure your area before making a choice.
  • Servicing and support: Breakdowns can be costly in terms of repairs and business impact due to delays. Make sure after-sales servicing is included in your purchase.

Finally, the all-important – Cost!

After considering all the criteria mentioned above, make sure you evaluate the large format printer’s fixed and running costs. The cost of the materials, the ink, and the people and power requirements are important factors.

Investing in a large format printer?

You can’t always purchase the most-advanced printer or the one that’s ideal for your requirements. Hence, try to balance your needs and budget while selecting the best large format printer required for your business. At City Blue Technologies, we are here to consult you through the process and provide you with the latest large format printers available.

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