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How do I Differentiate my Business from The Competition?

All business owners often have this question in mind – “What makes you different?” Why should any consumer choose you as their partner over the other competitors? The long-term success of your business depends on what difference you bring to the table. You need to know what makes you unique, trustworthy, or simply better.

It’s also absolutely important that you’re able to articulate this clearly and concisely. Once you can do this, you’ll need to find a way to communicate this to your target customers.

Traditional media aside, the dominant channels for marketing communication are print and the web. Print is a powerful medium, and it’s probably grossly underutilized today. A great print media marketing strategy can make a massive difference in your customer acquisition efforts, helping you win customers that you might otherwise not convert to your website. Here are the important things to keep in mind when communicating to your potential customers through print:

  • The Message
    You will need to craft your words in such a way that they have the ability to elicit the desired reactions in your prospects. Used the right way, words have the ability to capture the customer’s imagination, effectively coaxing them to form a positive image of your product or brand.This not only means the right copy but also proper tone and language for the audience. If you’re targeting college students, for instance, too much formality and jargon can render your messages in vain. You have to speak to them in their language.

  • Presentation
    How you package your marketing messages is perhaps just as important as the words themselves. And a traditional print media campaign gives you just the platform you need to be as creative as you can with your presentations. Done the right way, you will stand out from the otherwise boring crowd. You can actually capture your audience’s attention and keep it long enough to get your message across, which is hard to do in this age of information overload.For a well-executed design, you must pay attention to the choice of typography, colors, imagery, layout, etc. Remember that if your print collateral is not attractive to look at, no one will want to read through any of it in the first place.
  • Print materials
    The choice of print collateral also matters. As an example, business executives may want to see a professionally executed report to get a good sense of your proposal. But if you just want to announce the opening of your new restaurant, a colorful brochure showcasing your offerings is what you’ll probably pass around.Other collateral includes banners, brochures, booklets, postcards, labels for your products, etc. The materials you choose to print will ultimately depend on the goals of your marketing campaign. So take time to map out the goals that will build toward your vision, so you can then decide on the print collateral you must use to achieve these goals.

  • Strategic delivery
    You will also need to strategically plan the timing, locations, and placement of your messages. This means delivering your print collateral to the right people at just the right time, on the appropriate occasions, and in the right places. If you want to market your company in an upcoming trade show, for example, you may need to print professional, attention-grabbing flyers, brochures, and reports and have them delivered on time to the right location.
  • Reliable print partner
    So you know what print materials you need for your marketing, you have a budget in mind, and probably also a timeline for the production and delivery of these materials. What you now need is a printing service you can depend on to bring your vision to life. The problem is that there are quite a number of print solutions out there, and you may not know what to look for.

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