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Five Common Mistakes with Your Signage to Avoid

In store signage is important part of a retail store and plays a role in providing good customer service. They not only help in presenting new products and their features, but also promote sales, discounts and offers. If created properly, they can communicate your message in quick and consistent way. According to an article in Forbes, 53% shoppers will still prefer to make the buying decision in store even after a detailed online search and the signs help make it quicker.

If you are not using the signs properly, you could end up with poor sales. Following the best practices to make the most of your in store signage will definitely be rewarding. Here are 5 common mistakes that you should avoid.

1.Designing too complex signs
Signs should be simple and represent the brand. Avoid complicated fonts; use a style that’s easy to interpret and complements the logo. The entire sign should be big and bright. Use 2 colors that can provide a good contrast and bring the focus on the message rather than the palette.


2.Retaining old signs
Signage should always be up-to-date and look fresh. Perform a check in the store and remove all damaged, old signs. The signs should communicate the current offer and events. Invest in a large format printer to create in-store signage instantly to promote sales.


3.Using incorrect number of signs
Signs are meant to draw attention and steer customers to strategic sales areas. They become a part of the visual merchandising and bring the balance. Using them thoughtfully becomes a key. Have them at varying heights to add curiosity.


4.Having too much or too little information
Businesses might feel tempted to add every little detail of a sale or product on the signage but too much information will only make it look cluttered. They should be like a newspaper headline which can be understood in seconds. Stand by the key information like product name, price, discount and conditions, if any. Check for any message that can be misunderstood to avoid unwelcome surprises for customers.


5.Ignoring the placement and size
Business signage should neither be too big that it draws all attention to itself nor too small that it gets lost in the store layout or products. They should be proportionate with the store display. The banners can be used for store wide promotions and small signs can be used for special discounts.





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