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Challenges during digital marketing campaigns

Innovation is a constant when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. These days, it is imperative for businesses to hop on the bandwagon, especially on digital trends. The digital generation demands constant change and hence it comes with its challenges; some easier to overcome. Here are some of the challenges and how to overcome them.

1.Targeting the Right Customers

With more and more internet users being added and their constantly changing needs, targeting the right audience has become a challenge. You should create your value proposition after considering what you offer and what problems does your product solve, to help you identify the audience who will connect with it most.

Learn about the market demographics, find out about their needs and create user personas based on their behavior and needs.


2.Generating Quality Leads

Finding new customers is one of the biggest hurdles businesses face.Leverage social media for generating leads and get conversions that add up to the overall business goal. Integrate your marketing and sales efforts. The sales team can then define personalized user journeys leading to better conversions. Focus on retaining your repeat customers (quality leads) with the following:

  • Personal and genuine interactions
  • Ask for feedback
  • Respond to comments/reviews
  • Share successes


3.Creating Engaging Content

With videos growing in popularity, the definition of engaging content has shifted exponentially. The need to create compelling and engaging content continues to rise. To keep your audience interested and engaged, variety is very important. These four pillars of engagement can help you on your content further: educate, entertain, inspire, and promote.

  • Educate: Content should spark curiosity and help readers gain knowledge.
  • Entertain: Entertaining content should be intriguing to your audience or could be quick and punchy.
  • Inspire: Your content should have an emotional impact and drive a user’s desire to take action or alter their perspective.
  • Promote: Promotional content is about encouraging your audience to take the next step. Make sure you request what you want to do with a call-to-action.


4.Establish an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Customers are increasingly working on multiple devices and platforms. It is not enough to focus all your efforts on a single strategy. You want to make it easier for your fans, subscribers, and customers to connect with you wherever they go. Focus on the forums where your audience is working. The key is to provide seamless activity so that people can move from one channel to another. For example, link your social media pages and website from your emails.


5.Complying With Privacy and Data-Sharing Regulations

With digital marketing, security is a big challenge. Work with a legal security team to identify the weak spots and create measures to reduce the risk. You need to be compliant with any laws covering a population in your target audience because a website can potentially attract visitors from any country. Make sure you are transparent about its policies on cookies, data sharing, and privacy. Data storage should be done carefully and with precision.


6.Optimizing Marketing Budgets and ROI

With the growth of digital channels, marketers are expected to improve their marketing budget and ROI to better suit business needs. It is expected to measure each effort and its value in order to reach the ultimate goal – the amount of income generated or the revenue collected.

Use the power of machine learning and analytics on a regular basis. A successful advertiser can measure the value of every single lead produced in a marketing effort. Understand the impact of each digital campaign on lead production, and explore the diversity and ways to reach your target audience to improve your campaigns to get the best results.

When measuring digital revenue, make sure you consider the outgoing efforts your business is making and what kind of results it produces.


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