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Bid Document Management

We make it easy

Prequalify, invite, monitor, and manage your bid process better. We do it all. We print your plans, specifications, and addendums. We handle the distribution to your list of owners, planrooms, and consultants; whether they are next door or across the country! And, we retain all refundable and non-refundable deposit checks for you, and hold all returned prints once the bid is awarded until such time as they need to be forwarded to the successful bidder. That’s it! We make it that simple.


You command it, we print it! Print-On-Demand is a CityBlue service that allows you to call the shots when printing project sets. We print only the quantities you need for each project, but you have the flexibility to order more as your demands dictate. We can even determine the print quantities for you based on the level of document requests received. So, whether it’s 1 set or 100 sets of bid documents that you need, we’ve got you covered!

Paperless Distribution

Are you looking for a green alternative to printing? CityBlue's electronic file management and distribution system lets you put your entire project on-line with noprinting! We can host your drawings, specifications, addenda, project notes, schedules, you name it the system can handle it. Call today for more details!

Time is Money

CityBlue knows how costly it is to pull designers and staff away from their daily duties and responsibilities to perform the time-consuming tasks of copying, collating, packaging, and shipping prints and specifications to your project bidders. With our Bid Document Management services, you save time and money resulting in greater productivity and higher profitability.

Beyond Distribution

As soon as the Request for Bid advertisements are placed stating that prints and specifications can be obtained from CityBlue Technologies the process starts. Once bidders contact us requesting prints, we add them to the plan holders list so you can see who is bidding, what they are bidding, when their prints shipped, and what addendums have gone out. You have control because you know what we know... 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Guaranteed!

Explore our Online Planroom today to see all of your document management needs met in a single solution.