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At CityBlue, the environment is a key consideration

At CityBlue, the environment is a key consideration.

CityBlue is a partner & reseller of Epson products. We have made a commitment to reduce the impact on the environment, from our supply chain, all the way through to manufacturing, transport, service life, and end of life of our many Business Inkjet Printers.

With Epson, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions both direct & indirect.

We help customers recognize environmental gains brought on by technology, whether it’s redefining manufacturing through innovative robotics, saving energy with our office printing technology, or revolutionizing textile printing with digital solutions.

We offer sustainable innovations because we recognize that the choices we make as organizations, individuals, or society will be essential to our shared success.


Why choose Epson Inkjet Printers?


PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology

FAST: There is no need to preheat a fuser & warm up before printing, providing a fast first page out time (FPOT).

COOL: Heat Free Technology means low power consumption & a quick recovery time between ink firings.

SMART: Epson PrecisionCore inkjet printers with Heat-Free Technology use high-capacity ink supplies that are designed to be affordable, reliable & reduce downtime.

Buy environment-friendly products from CityBlue Technologies. Together with our strategic partners, we truly deliver solutions beyond expectations.


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