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Applications of CAD Printers in Real world

CAD software and tools allow professionals like architects, designers and engineers to create efficient designs and analyze or improve them. They are able to use wide format, multifunction printing solutions to discuss projects, deliver the right output and make the workflow better.

Now Wide-format printers come at an economical price, in different sizes, and with many features to fit any work flow. There are some unique case instances that traditional wide format units wouldn’t be thought of. In this blog we will highlight a few of these cases.


Response and recovery during natural disaster and emergencies

For effectively responding during emergency situations like wildfires, the first responders need prompt information and thorough visuals. Firefighters use large format devices to print maps that detail out the safety zones, evacuation routes and updates on dangers like fallen trees.

The map printouts can include roads, water sources, control lines, and evacuation centers. The data gathered is analyzed and used to gauge the risk.

With quick access to prints, photographs and more it becomes easier for the emergency response personnel to distribute information and take required action to improve the effectiveness of response and recovery.


Collaboration between hybrid teams

The concept of a hybrid team consisting of on-site, off-site and remote members has become common after the pandemic. Technology that makes sharing information between the teams makes it easier to plan and execute projects efficiently.

Multifunction, wide-format CAD printers allow for larger prints of plans and documents, their ability to scan and copy makes it effortless to share the copies digitally with teams, clients, and other stakeholders leading to effective project planning and execution.

Multifunction printers with an integrated scanner allow professionals to scan latest revisions, notes, and other visuals to e-mail for immediate access. Copying and scanning technical documents, blueprints, and renderings becomes simple.


Multi-use printing for graphics and signage

Large format printers have proven useful for a variety of graphics and signage applications. AEC firms are able to print quality large files like the technical drawings, renderings and graphics with accuracy. These wide-format printers can also be used for creating safety signage, and graphics to meet the dynamic requirements of customers and employees. Event planners can print pop up displays, pull up banners, standees and marketing materials. Since these CAD printers can print large banners and adhesive graphics, with vibrancy and precision, businesses are finding them useful for window displays, facility walls, and doors.

After the pandemic, there has been a gush in the need for posters, signs, and banners to communicate changes effectively on a wide scale. By using the wide-format printer in-house and on-site, professionals can respond to any changes, avoiding costly delays. For jobs that have a short lead time, the dependency on outsourced printing reduces.


Key takeaways

Wide-format printers today are more efficient, flexible and powerful than ever, offering high-speed printing, scanning, and copying in a sleek and compact design. From wildfire response to architecture, engineering, construction and signage applications, CAD printers are helping industry professionals create detailed and precise prints to help enhance productivity. Whether working from home, a midsize or Enterprise Company, or construction site, professionals that turn to advanced wide-format printing equipment can help streamline workflow and better serve clients, customers and the community. Visit to get your Multifunction CAD Printer now!



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